Kitchen Secret: Regrow Your Kitchen Scraps!


This is super fun and very convenient! I just hate to buy fresh produce from the produce section at the grocery store that I might not use. Next time you purchase green onions, cilantro, lettuce or pinneapple, keep the stems after use. Put them in water and watch them grow!


Kitchen Cheat: Rolling Corn Tortillas, easily!


Okay, we all know that there is a trick involved in rolling corn tortillas without them tearing and turning into a huge mess. These secrets are not secrets if you grew up on corn tortillas, but for others it is soooo confusing! Here is my kitchen cheat. Take about 5 tortillas at a time, spray them with cooking spray and microwave for about 30 seconds. Taadaa! Corn tortillas ready to be rolled to perfection!

Mason Jar Storage


What to do with your stockpile of mason jars? Empty out them half used bags of cooking supplies!  Use them to store spices, flour, rice and sugar! Keeps your items fresh and they even look cute!